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Coroner recommends officials judge risk of television cables after inquest on N.B. prison death

The Dalhousie Regional Correctional Centre is pictured. (Source: Google Maps) The Dalhousie Regional Correctional Centre is pictured. (Source: Google Maps)

A coroner is recommending the risk posed by access to TV cables in correctional facilities should be evaluated by the New Brunswick Department of Justice and Public Safety. This comes after an inquiry into the death of a man at the Dalhousie Regional Correctional Centre wrapped up on Tuesday.

A coroner’s inquest for the death of Jason Barnaby-Gloaded was held in Campbellton on Monday and Tuesday. The inquest was originally scheduled to run from Monday to Friday.

Barnaby-Gloade was found unresponsive in a Dalhousie Regional Correctional Centre cell on May 28, 2022. He was pronounced dead at the Campbellton Regional Hospital.

The presiding coroner at the inquest recommended the department find ways to address and eliminate the possible risks posed by television cables.

The five-member jury at the inquest heard from 11 witnesses and made two recommendations:

  • the correctional centre continue to offer ongoing training for medical staff and officers to recognize suicidal thoughts
  • the correctional centre continue to provide training regarding Indigenous sensitivities.

The inquest did not make any findings of legal responsibility, nor did it assign blame.

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