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New N.S. film features well-known local talent


The Madones were a once-popular musical act of three sisters who couldn’t capitalize on their early success, leading to a fractured family life. The band itself might exist only on the big screen, but writer/director Barrie Dunn is hopeful their story will tap into real emotions.

“It’s a movie about three sisters who at one time had a great life in front of them,” he said. “The bottom fell out (and) they couldn’t get another record made. It’s a story about what happens when the bottom falls out of your life.”

“The Madones” is a Nova Scotia-made film featuring well-known local talent. The story focuses on the family dynamic of the three sisters years after their initial musical fame.

Former MP and actress Lenore Zann plays the sister who returns to her siblings’ lives after a decade away.

“She wants to come back and bring the family back together, make amends for past wrongs,” Zann said. “It’s funny, it’s self deprecating, and it’s also beautiful.”

Lucy DeCoutere plays a sister who grapples with schizophrenia.

“She’s living with that and trying to find a way through that while not further hurting her family,” DeCoutere said.

Dunn, who is making his directorial debut with the movie, wrote many original songs for the story.

“I really wanted to make this a human story about three sisters, and one of the ways I tried to do that was through music,” he said. “It’s a movie about characters living in a black-and-white world who are searching for colour in their lives. It’s a compelling story and I think people are going to like it.”

“The Madones” is playing in theatres in Halifax, Sydney, Bridgewater, and Truro. It will also be available for streaming on March 26.

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