New Brunswick Tourism Minister Bill Fraser is raising concerns about the recent transfer of convicted murderer Allan Legere.

“People are absolutely terrified in Miramichi,” says Fraser, who is also the MLA for that area.

In 1989, while serving time for murder, Legere escaped custody.

He ran loose for seven months, killing four more people before being recaptured.

Legere, now 66, had been kept in a special handling unit in a super maximum security prison in Quebec, but reports indicate he’s been moved to a less secure prison in Alberta.

"We’re back in a situation where he's back in the same type of facility, similar type of security that he was in before, when he escaped,” says Fraser. “The fear of the people of Miramichi is that, potentially, he's got a plan to try to escape again."

Fraser has reached out to Federal Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney.

"As soon as I learned of the situation, I wrote a letter to Minister Blaney, immediately, asking for his intervention, asking him to look at reviewing the decision and reversing the decision,” says Fraser.

Fraser says federal corrections officials have an obligation to visit Miramichi and speak with the residents and hear their concerns.

With files from CTV’s Andy Campbell