ST. ANDREWS BY-THE-SEA, N.B. -- After 25 years, a vintage vehicle with ties to one of New Brunswick’s most iconic figures has returned to the Dayspring Estate in St. Andrews by-the-Sea.

Built in 1928, the Dayspring Estate was purchased by Sir James Dunn in 1947. When he died, his wife Lady Dunn continued to live there, eventually becoming Lady Beaverbrook upon marrying Lord Beaverbrook.

In addition to art, the Oppenheimer-Prager Museum at Dayspring, features interesting objects, jewellery, memorabilia, and photos related to Lady Beaverbrook, including a 1955 Land Rover.

The vehicle was a birthday gift to Sir Dunn by the then Lady Dunn.

“We have the record of it coming over on one of the Manchester Liner ships called the Manchester Trader and it came to Montreal and it must have come down somehow to St. Andrews,” says Vincent Prager, with the Oppenheimer-Prager Museum.

“It was here (at Dayspring) and apparently, shortly after I bought this place in 1995, it was sold to the people who then sold it back to me. I didn't know anything about it until last august.”

Originally bought in 1955, the vehicle only has about 13,000 miles on it.