Opposition MLA’s in New Brunswick are asking that a company impacted by a provincial moratorium on fracking be given an exemption.

For over 13 years, Corridor Resources has been involved in gas production in the Sussex area.

"A regional moratorium to allow fracking in that area, could have allowed Corridor Resources to continue and provide jobs and investment in an area of the province that's been hard hit with the closure of the Potash mine," said New Brunswick Opposition Leader Bruce Fitch.

More than 400 people lost their job when PotashCorp shut down in January. Tuesday marked the last day of work for most of its remaining employees.

"I’m concerned for new Brunswick,” said Fitch. “There could have been a significant opportunity missed in the province with them continuing the moratorium indefinitely, which is really a ban."

Corridor Resources president Steve Moran declined to comment on the government move, but says he will at a later date.

Energy expert Colleen Mitchell says Moran’s company has a proven track record.

“Corridor Resources has an exemplary record, safety, health, protecting the environment, all of that, and the opportunity for them to continue would be really in the province's best interest," said Mitchell.

New Brunswick Minister of Energy and Mines Donald Arseneault was not available to comment on the idea of a regional moratorium.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown.