With a $1-million lottery ticket set to expire by the end of tomorrow, some are suggesting the Atlantic Lottery Corporation should reconsider what it does with unclaimed prizes.

The ticket was purchased in Moncton a year ago, and has yet to be claimed.

If someone doesn’t step forward with the ticket by midnight Friday, the money goes back to the ALC.

However, one New Brunswick woman is putting pressure on the ALC to change their policies around unclaimed jackpots.

Elizabeth Flewelling would like to see the unclaimed prize money used to feed the hungry and has issued a challenge to the ALC.

“For Atlantic Lotto and their new CEO to find it in their heart to donate the $1 million, if it remained unclaimed by tomorrow night at midnight, to all four Atlantic provinces to their food banks,” says Flewelling.

The ALC does not dispute the worthiness of the campaign, but says it does go against policy.

“The Moncton Food Bank is certainly a very worthy cause and we have actually supported it several times over the past few years,” says Lindsay Shannon of Atlantic Lottery.

Under the ALC’s policy, any unclaimed winnings must go into a fund that supports other lottery products. The remainder goes back to the four Atlantic provinces and there are no exceptions.

Food bank manager Ben MacMichael says every little bit helps.

“A regular thing we purchase are eggs and powdered milk,” he says. “If we had the resources we knew were there to buy that regularly, that would be a great addition to our families.”

Flewelling has set up a Facebook page inviting people to comment and post ideas on the issue.

“We want to actually be able to get enough food for every community to last for a while,” says Flewelling.

 “Food banks usually hurt the most in January. The shelves are empty now.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's David Bell