LUNENBURG, N.S. -- A Nova Scotia centenarian says she wasn’t trying to become a viral hit, but her fundraising efforts and sense of humour have won her legions of fans.

“I'm just the most normal person, in fact nobody paid attention to me until I got old,” says Joy Saunders.

The 101-year-old Lunenburg, N.S., woman is on a mission, inspired by the story of Capt. Tom Moore -- a 100-year-old war veteran in the United Kingdom who raised more than $55 million CAD for his country's health-care system by walking 100 lengths of his own garden.

“You know, I could do that. I walk anyways and I'm much older than he is,” jokes Joy.

With her cat Toes following close behind, Joy has been keeping track of how far she walks in her neighbourhood.

“I chose a walk that would be 0.8 kilometres and if I do that 102 times I should be able to do it before my 102nd birthday,” she says.

Joy is raising money for the Victorian Order of Nurses Canada, a non-profit organization that she's been both employed by and a client of.

“I’ve worked with them, I have a great admiration for them. They work hard, they never complain, they go into houses where they don’t know the people, they don’t know what they’re going into, but they do it,” says Joy.

Long-time friend Nancy Regan posted a video of Joy on Facebook on Monday, knowing people would love her just as much as she does.

“This is exactly what the world needs right now,” says Regan.

“I know Joy, I know her humour. I also believe that if you do something with a sense of pure purpose and passion, I believe magic happens.”

The video has been shared over 1,500 times and donations are adding up, much to Joy’s delight.

“Thank you all, it’s been a wonderful experience.”