Doctors are among those who say they’re fed up with the Nova Scotia government’s inaction on the doctor shortage.

More than 60 physicians in Cape Breton plan to rally this weekend to draw attention to a problem which they say isn't getting any better.

“Honestly I'm tired of seeing patients come into my operating room and I look for a family doctor and their name tag says no family doctor,” said anesthesiologist Dr. Craig Stone. “The Liberal government says this is not a crisis, but I and many people here including physicians believe otherwise.”

The Nova Scotia Health Authority says it recognizes that Cape Breton has recruitment challenges and position vacancies, and say a plan is in place to recruit physicians with the focus on family medicine, as well as various specialties.

“I'm afraid if things keep going, we're are going to pass the point of no return and everything we have built up over the last 25 to 30 years, we will lose it and never get it back,” said Dr. Stone.

Sheri Campbell, who recently returned to Cape Breton after living in Halifax for a few years, is one of the many without a family doctor. She says she and her husband, Ryan, had to make the five-hour trip to Halifax just to see a family physician.

“We're in Canada. We are not supposed to have to spend other money, other than our tax dollars on our health care system,” said Campbell.

It's even harder to find a specialist to help their five-year-old son.

“We've been treating our son's speech impediment, which is … it's just hard to understand,” Campbell added.

Anesthesiologist Dr. Craig Stone is also worried about cuts to local emergency departments. He’s hopingpoliticians hear their voices at this weekend’s rally.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.