HALIFAX -- Cyber Monday is a way to keep those Black Friday deals going.

"It's already been off the hook this morning," said Shannon MacGregor, co-owner of Halifax jewelry store, Earth Goddess. "The orders are just coming in.

MacGregor says the store has a large following on the artisan site Etsy, and she wanted to offer something for those shoppers.

"We had a sale on the weekend for people that could come in the store, and we thought, a lot of our followers don't live in Halifax, so we thought everything on our Etsy, we're going to do the same thing, 20 off and free shipping," MacGregor said.

It was a similar situation at East Coast Lifestyle, which offered up to 30 per cent savings on Monday.

"We're seeing small business adjusting and finding ways that they can really have an impact one way or another on days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday or other times when the larger stores, or the big distributors are really putting a push," said Jordi Morgan, the VP Atlantic of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Morgan says shopping at small businesses also helps the local economy.

Nearly half of your dollar is recirculated in the local community, versus about 13 per cent at a chain store.

For Jolyn Swain, the benefits extend beyond that.

"It's a really great time to align how quickly your local independent retailer can bring it in or can get it to you," said Swain, the owner of Nurtured, a store for baby, kids and families in Halifax's north end. "Many times I've driven things to people's houses."

It's the personal touches that many small business owners hope the customers remember when the sale is over.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Emily Baron Cadloff.