There's not a lot of obvious enthusiasm for this early blast of winter.

The cold air is already here and a mixed bag of precipitation is expected to fall on the Maritimes on Tuesday before temperatures plummet, leading to flash freezing in a province that still has a layer of leftovers from a snowfall this weekend.

The weather is delaying the opening of the Bay of Fundy lobster season.

It was supposed to open Tuesday morning, but it could be Thursday or even later before boats are able to get out.

With Christmas music already playing in Fredericton's downtown, the wintery weather doesn't seem out of place.

Still, it’s not welcomed by many.

New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization repeated its call to have a 72-hour emergency kit on the ready.

That should include some money.

“As we saw on the last storm that hit hard on the province, to have no power in several regions, it's important to be able to have some cash when we need to buy food or even cash for the car,” said Robert Duguay of New Brunswick EMO.

When the power's out, debit and credit machines no longer work.

If you poll people on the street, there’s a range of opinions but, in the end Mother Nature doesn't really care how we feel.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown.