HALIFAX -- A Fredericton artist, who promotes kindness and compassion through her work, is being recognized for one of her collections.

"I honestly truly feel if society was more kind and compassionate it would solve a lot of problems,” said artist Katrina Slade.

Compassion and kindness are Slade’s core values. They are also the inspiration behind her exhibit called ‘The Solution to Everything’ – an installation of weathergrams.

She's recycling a past project titled ‘Weathergrams For Good,’ which was installed in Fredericton, to create something for an even wider audience.

"Most people haven't heard of weathergrams," said Slade. "They are strips of paper that traditionally portray an uplifting message."

Slade says she’s been offered a coveted spot to showcase her collection at this year's Beinnale Architettura in Florence, Italy.

"They contacted me and asked me to submit my work for the jury, so I was surprised and I did," said Slade. "I submitted my proposal to the jury and they received my work and accepted it."

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Slade says there are a lot of challenges she still has to face.

"Well, nobody knows how the pandemic is going to go, but we are all optimistic, and so... If international travel is allowed, I will go there in the middle of October," said Slade. "I have an assistant who's coming with me and we would be assembling the artwork and installing it at the Beinnale.”

Slade says spreading kindness is her mission.

"So, the past year has been really hard for everybody, we all know it, we don't have to review it, it's been really difficult for multiples reasons, and I think that's why my artwork is resonating with people," said Slade.

Slade says she hopes to one day share her exhibit with the Atlantic provinces.