FREDERICTON -- The New Brunswick government has released its 10-year education plans, which set goals but leave it up to educators to find ways to achieve them.

Premier Brian Gallant unveiled the plans for the English and French school systems Thursday at the public library in Fredericton, vowing to provide the resources that teachers need.

"Our 10-year education plans focus on results, all the while giving local authorities, school leaders and educators the flexibility they need on delivery -- allowing them to innovate throughout the system and within the classrooms," Gallant said.

The premier has repeatedly promised to make the biggest investment in public education in the province's history.

"We are going to do this in a way that we are going to get good value for every dollar invested in education -- by having government set goals while giving school leaders and educators the tools they need to reach those goals according to their own challenges and opportunities," he said.

Education Minister Brian Kenny said there are no easy fixes when it comes to improving early learning and the education system.

"The plans include priority areas such as establishing a culture of belonging, improving literacy and mathematical skills, ensuring proficiency in fundamental French language and fostering leadership, citizenship and entrepreneurial spirit," he said.

The progress in all categories will be measured, but in some cases the baseline numbers won't be known until the fall of 2018.

Guy Arseneault, president of the New Brunswick Teachers Association, said the provincial government seems committed to improving education, but he wants to see the implementation plan and the level of resources that are provided.

"The details aren't there. There seems to be an indication that they want to support children in the classrooms, and you support them by allowing teachers a chance to work with those students, either individually (or in) small groups. Those are assets that we're looking forward to," Arseneault said.

Jody Carr, the Opposition critic for early childhood development, said, in general, he likes the plans.

"All the elements of a good education system are in the plan," he said.

Carr said he applauds the government for building on the previous education plan.