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Non-profit centre provides a hub of activity and support for Nova Scotia seniors


From providing their Meals on Wheels program to organizing card games, the Dartmouth Seniors Service Centre in Dartmouth, N.S., is a place to connect seniors, families and friends.

The non-profit organization has been operating for more than 48 years and offers many services, including recreational activities, delivering nutritious meals, transporting clients to medical appointments and helping defray medical costs for members.

According to Debra Barlow, project manager and volunteer coordinator, the centre is the largest in Nova Scotia for providing Meals on Wheels – a food delivery service for people who are unable to prepare meals for themselves.

"We provide over 300 meals per week to the citizens of Dartmouth and surrounding communities," she says. "Of those 300 meals, some of those clients are free of charge because they are unable to pay and we do that through the generosity of our community and the money that they donate to us to support us."

Barlow says the centre relies heavily on the community for support.

“We have all manner and type of entertainment and involvement for seniors. Where they can come together and talk to one another and enjoy each other’s company. We welcome all seniors, we are here to serve every need,” she says.

Barlow says people can simply call the centre for assistance with housing, food, and medical care.

“We will do our very, very best to make sure that you get anything that you truly need,” she says. “And as each year goes by, our seniors centre becomes more and more vital to those in our community, particularly those who do are not blessed with family close to them.”

Barlow adds one of the biggest obstacles seniors face is loneliness.

“And we pride ourselves in being their family – and they are our family,” she says.

The Dartmouth Seniors Service Centre will host a Casino and Cocktail Extravaganza event on June 7 to raise funds for a walk-in fridge to help with their growing demands.

More details can be found on their website.

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