It was a packed house at Saint Thomas Baptist Church in North Preston, N.S., on Saturday, as family and friends gathered to say goodbye to a woman called “Momma” who left behind more than 300 direct descendants.

Gracie Mae Glasgow died at age 97. She left behind 14 children, 78 grandchildren, 178 great-grandchildren and 59 great-great grandchildren.

Family members say she had enough love for each and every one of them.

“She never let you go hungry,” said Momma’s granddaughter, Misty McConico. “Many times (Momma said), ‘Oh, go out there and cook that fish, or make sure that somebody eats."

It was a funeral with more laughter than tears and more joy than grief. Stories about Momma filled the church, including why no one dared called her grandmother.

The pillar of her service to the community sat on the rock-solid foundation of her faith. She made sure all of her family members were also raised in faith and given a moral compass.     

“She got all of her kids involved in all of her church-going community events,” said McConico. “She always had me singing.”

She did more than support the community – she created one by raising half of her grandchildren.

Momma also did everything she could to raise a little extra money for the children.

“She made wreaths every year, and she picked blueberries every summer,” said daughter Rolette Wohlgeschaffea. “We would go door-to-door and knock on every door and we'd ask them, ‘Would they like to buy something?"

“I loved her. She's going to be missed."

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.