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Nova Scotia NICU nurse will soon be running across Nova Scotia, all for a good cause


A Nova Scotia NICU nurse who is also an avid runner will soon be running across the province – all to raise money for the IWK NICU.

Allison MacFadden has always loved long-distance running, and this summer she wanted to use her passion for running for a good cause.

“This is my first time fundraising, this is a whole new world for me,” said MacFadden in an interview with CTV’s Ana Almeida on Friday.

MacFadden has been a runner for two decades and has taken part in marathons over recent years. Running is a part of her family, as even her 10-year-old daughter has completed an ultra-marathon, which is around 42 kilometres long.

After being a nurse in the NICU for over seven years, MacFadden said she is always looking for ways to help out.

“NICU has a really special place in my heart, so anything we can do, we often leave thinking if there’s anything we can do to help out babies and our families,” she said.

MacFadden says the money that is raised will go directly to helping parents stay together with their children in the NICU.

“There are reasons why parents can’t be in our unit, sometimes there are travel expenses associated, parents live all across Atlantic Canada, coming to and from if they have other children at home, some people just can’t afford that. So money like this would go to helping parents so they can actually be in the NICU with their baby,” said MacFadden.

“Some babies need special medical equipment to be able to go home, or sort of monitoring or things like that so we can help with stuff like that.”

MacFadden will begin her route in Clark’s Harbour in the south of the province, and will work her way up the province avoiding major highways to finish the trip in Meat Cove, Cape Breton.

Cross-province running is nothing new to MacFadden, as last summer she ran though Prince Edward Island in just under 50 hours.

“That one was a little different because I ran that one nonstop, I ran the Confederation Trail straight through, so day and night,” said MacFadden.

“This one is a smidge longer so I’m going to run, and I’m going to sleep at night. I’ll run for day, sleep at night, I think it’ll be luxurious.”

Kicking-off on Wednesday, MacFadden expects the trip to be around nine to 10 days if all goes to plan.

“As always happens with these things, once you get out there, things just start happening,” she said.

“If it’s hot, if things happen, I’m just going to deal with it as it comes, so I’m just going to start on Wednesday and it’s going to be what it’s going to be.”

As of Saturday, MacFadden has already broken her $5,000 goal before even setting out for her run, with a total of $5,460 in donations.

People can donate to MacFadden’s fundraiser on the IWK Foundation website

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