It’s more than 2.24 kilometers from Karen Kearney’s house to her kids’ school.

That's considered walking distance for her children who, up until now, have always taken the school bus.

The Halifax Regional Centre for Education says elementary school students who live closer than 2.4 kilometers to their school are not guaranteed bus service.

They can apply for a courtesy spot, but that can be cancelled at any time.

On their walk to school, Kearney's children would have to cross at an intersection without a marked crosswalk.

“The school is across the road, and there's no crosswalk to get across the road,” Kearney says.

In order to avoid that intersection, kids would have to walk down Lucasville Road, but on a side of the street that doesn't have sidewalks, until they get to the far intersection, where they would meet a crossing guard, who would get them safely across the road to this side of the street, which has sidewalks, and follow it back up to their school.

Stock Transportation says they haven't cancelled any of the courtesy stops.

Crystal Truax is the regional manager Canada East for Stock Transportation.

“Courtesy stops that existed in June will be the same courtesy stops that reside in September,” Truax said.

Instead, parents need to register and apply for a stop online and it is possible that some applications could be denied.

“Courtesy bussing is based on available seats,” Truax said. “After all eligible riders have been placed on a bus, that potentially could happen, (but) it's very unlikely.”

Even so, parents aren't happy.

“I'm going to drop them off, and I'm going to be late for work every day,” Kearney said.

Parents have until Aug. 3 to apply.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Emily Baron Cadloff.