Preparations began today at the Halifax Commons as plans for a permanent skating oval started to take shape.

Halifax Regional Council announced back in March that the Canada games oval would become a permanent skating sensation in Halifax.

Costs for the upgrades are expected to reach around four million dollars in year one, but so far little work has been done and the area has fallen into a state of disrepair.

City Councillor Dawn Sloane says "if we started cleaning the site then more money would be used on the cleaning and not the building. Now we're going to do it all at once."

Tonight council members are expected to announce the contractor that will be awarded the construction tender.

Within days the oval will be crammed with construction workers moving ground and concrete could be poured as early as next week.

Last winter over a hundred thousand people visited the facility. Support to make the oval a permanent structure proved overwhelming.

HRM Mayor Peter Kelly says work on the site should be done by late October and an information session is expected to be held to inform the public of what recreation programs will be available at the oval.