HALIFAX -- Nova Scotia RCMP is investigating after a counterfeit American $100 bill was used in Eastern Passage, N.S.

Police say on Jan. 29, a woman entered a gas station on Cow Bay Road and made a purchase using a counterfeit American $100 bill.

According to police, the bill was printed on smooth paper and was blue/purple in colour, with the serial number LB45440078L.

Police describe the suspect as a white, middle–aged woman with a thin build and long, white hair that appeared to be bleached. She was wearing a white and black jacket and a grey mask.

Police ask anyone in the area who handles currency to be on the lookout for suspicious bills, and to contact police if they come in contact with counterfeit currency. If you unknowingly accept counterfeit currency as legal tender, you cannot be reimbursed.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact Halifax District RCMP or Crime Stoppers.