DARTMOUTH, N.S. -- Several new murals highlighting a word or two of encouragement are gaining notice around downtown Dartmouth, N.S.

A total of 17 murals meant to uplift and inspire can be found posted on buildings throughout the downtown core. A few of the positive points include: “Be kind,” “You got this,” and “You’re like a melody.”

“All of these messages are universal and things that we all really need to hear right now,” says Margot Durling, the creative director at Dartmouth-based Fathom Studio.

Durling’s goal was to create a lo-fi visual art display that could reach a large number of people and residents.

“Dartmouth already has such a strong sense of pride but this is just another thing that’s bringing us together,” says Durling.

Fathom Studio was asked by the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission to develop a public art campaign showcasing positivity and cheer after a dreadful year.

“They’re meant to maybe just catch people in the moment, inspire them, or provoke some thought of better days ahead,” says Tim Rissesco, executive director of the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission.

The murals began appearing -- quietly -- in November. The campaign’s goal is for residents to discover the art pieces on their own. Therefore, not many clues are being provided as to the location of each mural.

“You really have to look to find them and that’s part of the magic of the campaign,” says Rissesco, adding that many have taken up the challenge as a scavenger hunt.

The plan is for more inspiring murals to pop up around downtown Dartmouth in the near future.