Few people would be thankful after having a heart attack, but one man is indeed thankful for the action of friends when he suffered a heart attack on a golf course.

Andy Fox returned to the Westfield Golf and Country Club on Thursday.

He went to the fifth tee, where he and friends remembered the events of last August.

“I hit my drive and then I felt dizzy,” Fox said. “I thought I was gonna go down and I did. I felt faint, I had been sweating, and I had indigestion, but I didn't connect them with a heart attack.”

His pals called 911, but the situation was getting worse.

“We weren't going to do anything while he was still breathing, but when he stopped, we rolled him over and we could see a blue tinge in his lips,” said friend Doug Hubbard.

They called the clubhouse, where, Hubbard's  13-year-old grandson was working a summer job.

“He told me that they needed a defibrillator on the fifth tee,” said Jackson Hachey. “So he gave it to me, and I jumped in a cart.”

Fortunately there is a defibrillator located on the wall of the clubhouse.

What followed was pretty much a textbook case of everything going right, including young Jackson knowing his way around the golf course and knowing his way around a golf cart.

He also knows, that in these situations, every moment counts.

He admits to being stressed at the time.

“What if I don't get there in time?” he recalled thinking. “Like, it could be a matter of seconds.”

In the meantime, Hubbard was keeping his friend alive by performing CPR and then the shock treatment.

“They hit me with it twice and my heart came back, and by the time they got me into the ambulance, the guys in emergency were saying I was going to be alright,” Fox said. “They kind of knew it then.”

Today, paramedics recognized everyone's contribution to a happy ending.

“In this instance, Andy was very lucky to have people who recognized the emergency existed, called 911, grabbed the defibrillator and put it on,” said Mary Lou Price of Ambulance NB.

Aug. 15 could have been Fox’s last day.

“If I went home and it happened in the backyard even, no one would have been there,” Fox said. “So I was lucky that it happened on the fifth tee.”

And so, Andy Fox will be back to play another day.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Mike Cameron.