HALIFAX -- A recommendation to increase the operating budget for Halifax police by 2.7 per cent is heading to Halifax Regional Council for final approval and where that money is going is drawing some criticism.

The budget gives the city's police force $260,000 for polygraph testing and $271,000 for its mounted unit -- that's two horses and two riders.

Critics say those amounts are more than the $223,000 allocated for victims' services.

The total policing budget is more than $88 million dollars.

"We also need to understand that this budget, even though it was an increase, it was related just to mostly just to compensation and collective agreements that we already had going," said Lindell Smith, the chair of the board of police commissioners.

There are still some "over budget" issues to be resolved that could be added, including the use of body cameras.

There is no date yet for the final council vote.