Thanksgiving weekend marks one year since flooding caused devastating damage in Sydney, but one building that was lost in the storm has reopened on its anniversary.

Sydney’s South End Community Centre held its grand reopening on Saturday after it was destroyed in last year’s flood and then demolished later on.

"To see the South End Community Centre rise again from that disaster and to see everyone here today, to see a new facility full that is utilized by the entire community is a very special day for me,” says Nova Scotia Liberal MLA, Derek Mombourquette. “This is one of the days in this job that you never forget."

When the centre met the wrecking ball back in January, it was unclear if it would ever reopen.

Chris Cameron is on the community centre’s board of directors, hesays the new building was a longtime coming.

"They worked so hard to bring that building together to what it was and to have a flood come along and take everything away, it was devastating,” he said.

The centre now plays host to a wide range of programs and has a brand new ‘play palace’ for kids.

The play palace’s owner, Rebecca Barrington says she couldn’t operate out of the previous location.

"Our family used the old South End Community Centre, we attended programs there. So I am sad that it's gone, but the stars seemed to align for all of us, to open up this space for me, just at the same time I was opening the business. So I am happy,” says Barrington.

The new South End Community Centre is located only about a kilometre away from the old building that had to be torn down.

Cameron says Saturday’s grand reopening represents a brand new beginning for the community.

"Everyone here was so resilient,” he says. “They really came together and brought this day to what it is."

Community members say this holiday weekend, the new centre is something they’re truly thankful for.

With CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDonald.