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Riverview Fire and Rescue on scene of fuel spill


Fire crews in Riverview, N.B., were called to Suffolk Street Monday morning following reports of a fuel spill.

Riverview Fire and Rescue Chief Robin True says crews were called out around 11:30 a.m.

“We had a contractor working on Suffolk Avenue and a vehicle unfortunately struck an elevated man hole and it caused a rupture in the fuel tank on that vehicle, so we have a fuel spill on the road, which unfortunately entered the storm sewer system,” said True.

The Moncton Fire Department along with its hazmat team were originally called to help assess the situation, but had cleared out before 1 p.m.

The New Brunswick Department of Environment was also present, which True says is standard practice for a situation like this.

As for how long the clean up might take, True says it’s unknown at this time.

“It depends on how much product is involved and where it may have gone to, but that’s all being assessed currently and we’re in the process of trying to mitigate it as quickly as we can,” he said.

“It can be difficult. Obviously there’s fuel on the surface of the road, but there’s also fuel within the storm system, so we’re just in the process of trying to mitigate that as we speak.”

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