HALIFAX -- Johnny Reid, a platinum-selling Scottish-Canadian singer, has released an emotional tribute to the people of Nova Scotia.

Reid has been coming to Nova Scotia to play music for 22 years and says he has developed a special connection with the people in the East Coast province.

“I’ve met a lot of good people during that time, a lot of good friends,” says Reid.

“Every time I come to Nova Scotia, whether it be Halifax, or Digby, or Cape Breton, I feel like I am back where I was born, where I grew up. It’s a place full of hard-working, good-hearted people and it’s just a place that has always shown me a lot of love.”

Reid says he was shocked to learn of the tragic shootings that took place on April 18 and 19 throughout several communities in Nova Scotia.

“I felt really sad, you know,” says Reid.

“I was in shock to find out that that had taken place in Nova Scotia. Of all the places in the world, it is one of the last places I would ever have imagined something like that happening.”

The JUNO Award-winning singer-songwriter’s latest single, “People Like You,” is a special tribute to the people who have welcomed him with open arms.

“I’ve spent a lot of time up there (in Nova Scotia). I’ve met a lot of great people up there, just to think that they are going through that, just to think of the fear, to think what so many people were going through at that time… it’s a sad time,” says Reid.

“For me, it was just a chance to show a wee bit of that love back.”

Reid says, when news of the shootings broke, he received phone calls from friends in Scotland asking if that kind of violence is common in Nova Scotia.

“I said, ‘This never happens, it never happens.’ So I wanted to write a song that celebrated the people of Nova Scotia, that celebrated the kindness, the good-heartedness, the people that wear their heart on their sleeve, that live their life the way that life should be lived. I wanted to write a song to celebrate that. So I sat down, I wrote the song, I recorded the song, I mixed the song, mastered the song and delivered it to the record label in three days,” says Reid.

“The chorus says ‘I heard up there the streets are made of gold, and when you get there, there is a hand to hold. I believe when our days down here are through, there is a place up there for people like you.’ I think, regardless of colour, culture, creed, religion, people are people and I just wanted to celebrate the good ones.”

One hundred per cent of the proceeds from “People Like You” will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross’ Stronger Together Nova Scotia Fund. The Canadian Red Cross is partnering with the Government of Nova Scotia to provide support to the individuals, families and communities affected by the tragedy, for both immediate and long-term needs.

Reid says he hopes the song will let the people of Nova Scotia know his heart is with them.

“I want them to know they are not alone. I want to show them the same love, support and respect they’ve always shown me,” says Reid.

“It’s the least I could have done. The people of Nova Scotia have changed my life, and the people of Canada, but out there on the east, they’ve been real good to me.”

A limited number of physical CDs of the single will be made available exclusively through Johnny Reid’s website.