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Sneaky serpent finds a new home and a place in a Nova Scotia boy’s heart


Young Kai Gilchrist has become one of Nova Scotia’s newest reptile rescuers after finding a northern ringneck snake slithering in his Cole Harbour home.

Thrilled by his discovery, Kai wanted to keep the snake. His mom felt differently.

“I don’t know if we have everything this little guy needs to stay for the winter,” Alicia Gilchrist told her son.

She decided to call Hope for Wildlife, an animal rehabilitation centre in Seaforth, N.S. The organization obliged and took the animal in.

While the snake would normally be hibernating this time of year, Hope Swinimer, the rehab centre’s founder, says her staff will keep it awake and active so it is in good shape for a spring release.

“As soon as the weather allows we will be releasing him back close to where he was found,” said Swinimer.

“This little guy would normally be out and about in a very cold winter, so it’s going to be quite the change for him. So he’s getting the royal treatment here.”

Hope for Wildlife showed Kai around the centre so he could meet other animals and see his old pet’s new digs.

“He was able to see that the snake was going in very qualified, capable hands and he would have much better facilities than our house,” said Alicia.

Kai agrees.

“I wanted to keep him because I love him so much, but I couldn’t because we don’t have the right things,” said Kai. “But Hope for Wildlife had like a million stuff to keep him safe.” Top Stories

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