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Everything you need to know about solar eclipses

The eclipse moved over a large swath of North America and during the brief period when the moon totally covered the sun, day transformed to night with a show of streamers and magnetic loops dancing around the sun.

In Pictures: Total solar eclipse in the Maritimes

 Monday was a memorable day as a total solar eclipse was visible in the Maritimes. 

Parts of the region experienced total daytime darkness, as the moon aligned perfectly between the sun and Earth.

Lilly, Amelia, and Anna travelled from Eastern Passage, N.S., to Fredericton to watch the eclipse on April 8, 2024. Top Stories

Here's how new AI tech could change the iPhone

Generative AI, artificial intelligence that can provide thoughtful and thorough responses to questions and prompts, could potentially breathe new life into Apple’s iPhone lineup at a time when competitors are threatening to leave the company behind in the race to shape what could be a world-changing technology.