FREDERICTON -- A Fredericton couple is about to bike 1,400 kilometres across New Brunswick over 21 days, with craft beer being central to the travel itinerary.

Kaely Scott and Patrick Schilf plan to visit about 30 taprooms across the province for what they’re dubbing ‘The Ultimate New Brunswick Taproom Tour.’

The idea began last summer when Schilf, who immigrated from Germany, began exploring New Brunswick on cycling day trips with Scott.

“We always stopped at the craft breweries because there are so many of them and it really makes a good opportunity to break up the route and have a little fun in between, not only make it about the biking but make it about socializing aspect,” says Schilf.

Both Scott and Schilf are long time cycling enthusiasts and hope their tour will inspire others.

“I feel like I’m seeing my province through a new set of eyes, and on top of that I do have this tourist with me, who’s noticing these things we take for granted,” says Scott. “You have the opportunity to see things that you would never notice in a car, and also people talk to you more when you’re on a bike, so you get an opportunity to talk to a lot of local people.”

The couple says their taproom stops will likely be positioned near the end of each tour day.

“I don’t drink a lot of alcohol myself so I’ll also be exploring non alcoholic options that exist in these craft breweries and they can still be very fun places to visit as well,” says Scott.

The tour begins June 24 and the tour updates will be posted at the Instagram account @BikeTourNB.