Bone-chilling temperatures swept across our region today, particularly in northwestern New Brunswick.

It was so cold in the province’s north that schools were forced to close.

“We’ve decided to make the cancellation for the northern part of the province,” says David Mctimoney of the Anglophone West School District.

In Perth-Andover the wind chill fell below the -40 threshold, leaving school officials concerned about what can happen to the operation of school buses and students who are waiting outside.

"Once we get to those temperatures of -40 or below, frostbite can really set in as quickly as minutes,” explains Mctimoney. “That’s one big factor that comes into play when we make our decision.”

While flowing water could still be found at the Grand Falls Gorge, the drop in temperature has made things much more solid.

Anyone from the Grand Falls area who went outside today without the very basics of winter protective gear was really putting themselves at risk for things like frostbite and hypothermia.

However, there are some people that don’t like staying indoors.

Paul Plourde goes for a lengthy walk every single day. “Now I’m over 6,300 miles for the last seven years, I haven’t missed a day.”

 Several businesses were trying to find the silver lining from this burst of cold.

“We’re hoping it will entice some customers to come in and come shopping for some cruise wear,” says business owner Cecile Toner.  

Further north in Edmundston, the temperature dropped to -35 for the second day in a row, with wind chill it felt like -40.

The chilly temperatures are forecast to stay through the night and into tomorrow.        

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore.