HALIFAX -- The gypsy cuckoo bumble bee, the wrinkled shingle lichen and the evening grosbeak are among the newest creatures added to Nova Scotia's list of species at risk.

The province says 11 species have been added to the catalogue, including the endangered monarch butterfly and the threatened Sable Island sweat bee.

Other additions include the endangered bank swallow, tall beakrush and transverse lady beetle, along with the threatened eastern waterfan and black foam lichen.

The yellow-banded bumble bee was listed as a special concern.

There are now 71 species on the list.

The government works with a team of scientists who provide advice on the status, conservation and management of species at risk.

Natural Resources Minister Margaret Miller says Nova Scotians can help with conservation by becoming better informed and taking care when venturing into the wilderness.

"These species are of significant conservation concern, and we will continue to work with the public, industry and all land stewards to protect them and their habitat," she said in a statement.