A Nova Scotia woman who contracted a rare infection, spent a month and a half in a coma and lost three of her limbs is sharing her story with hopes of motivating others.

Christine Caron's life changed forever five years ago after a seemingly innocent nip on the hand while playing with one of her dogs.

“Not even a full-on bite,” says Caron. “But I didn't realize that my immune system was already compromised and I went into septic shock."        

Caron woke up in the hospital four weeks later and was told she needed multiple amputations to save her life.

She says what kept her going was her 16-year-old son telling her he still needed his mom.

"I had to make decisions, move forward and change my perspective in life,” she says.

Caron has had multiple surgeries and has learned to balance and walk on artificial legs.

Her family says despite the drastic change in lifestyle, Caron has always remained positive.

"It's given her something she's always had but never showed,” says her mother Monique Bondar. “It has made her stronger."

"It's very emotional to see a woman like Christine, who has so much to give, and she's now found a way to reach out and help others," says her uncle Bob Warner.

Caron hopes her story helps motivate others and show them the power of perseverance.

"There is a way. There's always a light. You've just got to find it."

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ron Shaw.