Less than 48 hours after a 24-year-old Timberlea woman was attacked in a violent home invasion, police are reminding people in the area to remain vigilant as the investigation continues.

Timberlea resident Pamela Brown says she didn’t sleep well last night.

“It was challenging, a lot of thoughts racing through our mind, just wondering a bit about our own safety,” says Brown.

RCMP say a 24-year-old woman escaped a violent home invasion in Timberlea, N.S., early Wednesday morning.

Police say the woman, who was home alone, was asleep when she heard the floors creak around 3 a.m. Seconds later, a man jumped on the woman’s bed and tried to choke her, then struck her with a metal object.

Police say the woman fought back and ran to her neighbour’s home two doors down. When they didn't respond, she doubled back and started pounding on the front door of a house right next door. The woman suffered injuries to her head, face and upper body.

“The victim has since been released from hospital, my understanding is she was released sometime yesterday,” says RCMP Cpl. Dan Hutchinson.

Cpl. Hutchinson says there are still no leads as the investigation continues. Officers are hopeful someone will come forward with more information on the incident.

“At this time I can’t confirm whether or not it was a random incident,” adds Cpl. Hutchinson.

The news is unsettling for neighbours who live in the generally quiet community.

“It does make you worry, I’ve never locked my doors but now I will…you just never know,” says Timberlea resident Denise Moore.

Police say it’s important anyone who saw anything suspicious in the area around 3 a.m. Wednesday morning to contact them.

“Was there something out of the ordinary at that hour of the night? Because they can’t do it alone, and you can’t be afraid to speak to the police officers either,” says Pamela Brown.

A description of the suspect is not available, as it was dark at the time of the incident.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Suzette Belliveau.