HALIFAX -- Making the holiday season even sweeter in Saint John are the dozens of local businesses putting their unique, hand-made gingerbread houses on display. An annual tradition, the Gingerbread Trail, is bringing a spirit of joy and community togetherness to all who visit the area.

Using confections to re-create landmarks of Uptown Saint John requires much creativity – like melting lollipops to make stained glass windows. Creating the fine details all takes planning – which businesses owners say doesn’t come easy.

“Every year he starts off by gathering ideas and then he creates a pattern after we take pictures of whatever it is we're going to use for the display, and then he cuts out many, many, little tiny pieces of bristol board," says business owner Tanya Chapman of her husband, Jim’s gingerbread house crafting process.

And it’s just one of dozens of gingerbread house displays throughout Uptown Saint John this season, in which businesses build and showcase their hand-made holiday creations.

"They're edible photos, so we use those on cakes sometimes,” says local bakery owner, Sarah McNulty, of her edible art. “So, we just took some pictures out front, and then we had them printed off."

Meanwhile, many other establishments are offering a wide array of gingerbread house styles ranging from traditional to downright prehistoric – like in the case of the Saint John Free Public Library, which went with a dinosaur theme.

“As you can see, we have a t-rex, and we've gone with the theme of the dinosaur versus the library,” says Saint John Free Public Library head of children’s services, Heather McKend. “It’s a book we like – and that shows in our display."

This event has become something of a Christmas tradition – bringing the community closer together.

"We get to see families and kids sitting outside of the window,” says business owner, Sarah McNulty. “Just like, it puts a little magic back in Christmas."

Meanwhile, all of the tasty and creative gingerbread creations will be on display throughout the uptown Saint John area until Christmas Eve.