The Maritimes have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather, with many communities basking in record-breaking double digit temperatures Monday.

The warm weather has put an early end to some winter recreation, like ice fishing.

“I felt uneasy on the ice this year, just for the lack of thickness I guess,” says fisherman Bobby Casey.

In Renforth, N.B., the ice fishing experience could not be more different this winter, compared to last winter.

“This time last year, we still had quite a bit of ice, 10, 12 inches some days,” says fisherman Bryce Casey.

The provincial government has ordered ice fishing shacks and tents off the river by this coming weekend. However, most ice fishermen have already complied.

Experts say going out on the soft ice that is covering lakes and rivers is a life threatening exercise.

“If you've never fallen into ice cold water, you really have no way to tell what your body is going to do, but we know,” says Bill Lawlor, with The Canadian Red Cross. “Your body will cramp up. You muscles will cramp and you won't be able to move. You will take a big gasp of breath, which will put you in further jeopardy.”

While most of the region was enjoying spring-like conditions on the final day of February, not everyone was so fortunate – it was actually a snow day for many students in northern New Brunswick.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Mike Cameron