HALIFAX -- A video of a Halifax Water employee tossing his coffee cup into a hole as it was being filled in has gone viral after being posted on Instagram.

The reaction on social media has ranged from amusement to flat out outrage and it's shining a light on the issue of litter.

"It's kinda dumb," said Bob Lacey. "He was kinda hoping he wouldn't get caught. That's the good thing about the social media."

There have been thousands of views, hundreds of comments, with some calling for the worker to be fired.

"This is not what Halifax Water does. It's not what we condone, said Halifax Water spokesman James Campbell. "We don't condone littering."

Campbell says this was not a fireable offence and it's being dealt with internally.

He said it was a high priority topic Friday morning during a weekly quality control meeting.

"I expect it will be addressed with the employee as well," Campbell said.

Lacey says it's a life lesson: these days you never know if a camera is near.

Mark Butler from the Ecology Action Centre says it's just another piece trash in a province littered with garbage.

"Walk along a road in Nova Scotia. Walk along a beach in Nova Scotia, there's all kinds of garbage there," Butler said.

Litter is everywhere and it's undeniable, but seeing someone caught on camera is rare.

"Usually people do it when no one is looking," Butler said. "They know it's wrong and they still do it."

Butler says a video like this will actually help promote awareness and encourage people to put their garbage where it belongs.