DOMINION, N.S. -- Wild weather over the weekend has resulted in damage at some Cape Breton beaches.

Sections of the boardwalk at Dominion Beach have been splintered and others washed away completely after wind and rain battered the beach on Saturday.    

"It's a mess, I mean, everything's all over this side now," said one resident.

As the storm lashed the shoreline, one resident was watching warily from his home. He was worried the waves would wash up onto his property.

"I was scared to death she was going to come right across and I would have lost my house and everything," said Charles Starzyczny. "All my tools and that -- personal belongings -- I would have lost everything."

A short distance away in North Sydney, large sections of Indian Beach were submerged underwater over the weekend.

Back in Dominion, the area's councillor came down for a look at the damage on Monday.

"The boardwalk is the big part that's damaged, but as you go along across the beach more, some of the bank has been eroded more," Darren Bruckschwaiger said. "We had some pretty serious high tides that caused it, as you know.  So this was a big storm."

The storm also washed in something even bigger -- a badly decomposed marine mammal carcass was brought in by the waves.

On Monday, it was still there, rotting on the shore.

Bruckschwaiger says he has contacted Nova Scotia's Department of Natural Resources about the remains.

He's also asking them to visit the beach to have a look at the protective bank, which he feels needs to be expanded. He's worried a larger storm could flood the nearby highway.

"We need that extended at least to the bridge to start with," Bruckschwaiger said."That way the people can continue to use this for an exercise facility, to walk around as they do, and we'll save some of the beach, and save the lower end of this Gardiner Highway."