Police say a New Brunswick woman accused in a shocking case of animal cruelty may have fled the province to escape charges.

The woman is accused of leaving her animals to fend for themselves while she went on vacation last month.

“If she didn’t want those animals she could have given them to someone who would take care of them,” says Harvey Station resident Claudette Scott.  

The incident has been the talk of the town since two dead dogs, a dead rabbit, and a malnourished cat were found in a home in the centre of Harvey Station in September.

“I decided to go over to the house and see what was going on and I turned around and saw a dead dog,” says Scott, who made the gruesome discovery.

Her mother lives next door and both women noticed there had been no activity on the property for close to a week.

Scott called police immediately after spotting the dead dog.

“She should have had someone else look after the animals,” says Scott. “It’s not right she leave them like that and not taken care of.”

Police say the woman has since moved to Alberta.

They’re not releasing or confirming her name at this time because she hasn’t been charged with anything.

However, police say charges are pending against the woman. If they are laid, police say she can answer to them in Alberta.

If an arrest warrant becomes necessary, police say the prosecution would have to decide whether it should be made nationwide.

In the small village of Harvey Station, justice is being demanded by its residents.

“She deserves to have something done, that’s for sure,” says area resident Irma Godin. “Because she done the wrong thing. You don’t do that to an animal.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Nick Moore