BEAVER BANK, N.S. -- The COVID-19 pandemic has forced families to get creative, as they look for ways to keep their children occupied and entertained.

A family in Beaver Bank, N.S. came up with an idea that has rocked their neighbourhood.

“I was just out for a walk one day and I saw a rock that sort of looked like it was in a heart shape. I thought it would be fun to paint it and just set it at the side of the road,” says Jenny Gillis.

“We gathered up a few rocks from the ditch and we started with about 16 and just planted them around the roads in our subdivision and then it just sort of took off from there.”

Jason McCulloch says the rock project is a great way for the neighbourhood to bond during stressful times.

“It’s great that we can at least participate in something all together and get a little bit of enjoyment out of it for sure,” says McCulloch.

Residents say the inspiration for their rock art comes from a variety of places. Sometimes the inspiration comes from the shape of the rock itself, or from viral sayings, such as Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil’s “stay the blazes home.”

“We were influenced by the daily news conferences and, of course, the phrase that the premier has coined,” says Chris Perrin.

Gillis says she’s pleased the community can come together with something as simple as painted rocks.

“You know, it seems kind of silly, but for us it just gets us out and it gets us moving around,” says Gillis.

“It’s just something to look forward to each day, to see what other people have created and put out there.”