The mother of a New Brunswick teen who inspired an international kindness movement is asking others to donate blood in her daughter’s memory this Christmas.

Becca Schofield died in February at the age of 18 -- two years after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

After Becca’s diagnosis, she called on others to perform random acts of kindness. Her online movement with the hashtag .BeccaToldMeTo, quickly went viral and inspired ongoing acts of compassion and generosity around the world.

Her mother, Anne Schofield, attended a blood drive in Moncton on Friday, where she thanked donors for rolling up their sleeves.

Schofield says blood transfusions helped keep her daughter alive for 14 months after her diagnosis, so she’s asking people to donate in Becca’s memory as they celebrate their first Christmas without her.

“While Rebecca was going through her cancer treatment and, more especially, once she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she received many blood and plasma donations. We believe that helped keep her with us for 14 months,” said Schofield.

“We were told three to 12 months, and we believe the donations helped her stay with us that much longer.”

Canadian Blood Services is calling for more than 30,000 donations across Canada by Jan. 6. In New Brunswick, more than 1,400 donations are needed to keep up inventory.