A Bedford man charged with five counts of attempted murder after a wild driving spree in Cape Breton, has been found fit to stand trial.

However, a report from a doctor at the East Coast Forensic Hospital says he shouldn’t be held criminally responsible.

Daniel Keays, 21, appeared via video link from the East Coast Forensic unit in Dartmouth on Friday. His family, though, was present at the court house in Sydney.

A report released on Friday to the court by a doctor in Dartmouth states that Keays is mentally fit to stand trial, but at the time of the incident, he wasn’t.

Crown Attorney Sheldon Nathanson said Keays has been diagnosed with acute psychosis. Keays is accused of being behind the wheel of a motor vehicle that collided with three other vehicles, according to the RCMP.

A 49-year-old woman and her five-year-old grandson were in one of the vehicles and told CTV News previously that it was a terrifying experience. Two riders on motorcycles wereknocked off their bikes when they were hit. According to police, the vehicle continued on, narrowly missing a fourth vehicle and slamming directly into a guard rail.

At the hearing ordered for Keays to determine his ability to stand trial, Crown Attorney Sheldon Nathanson said, “At this point, he’s able to give instruction to his lawyer. The court is of the view that Keays has a true understanding and is fit to stand trial. This whole issue of criminal responsibility is a matter for another day, but what we have is the opinion of a doctor, saying he falls under that exception under the criminal code.”

Nathanson says the Crown still considers Keays a risk to the public and will remain in custody, not being granted bail under any circumstances.

Once the fitness testing is complete, more details will be released in court.

For now though, the fitness hearing has been adjourned with Keays scheduled to make his next court appearance on August 12th.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore