A police pursuit through the streets of North Sydney damaged several vehicles -- including two police cars.

When the dramatic chase ended, a suspect was in custody and fortunately no one was injured.

A video of the chase looks like a scene out of a movie as police pursued a stolen vehicle through the streets of North Sydney.

“If I was about maybe five seconds later leaving the parking lot, he would've hit me head on,” said witness Jason Dawe.

Down the road, Kevin McGeen wasn't so lucky.

“I was parked at the off ramp waiting to make the turn and a car came up and smashed into me trying to get away from police,” McGeen said. “It was kind of surprising.”

Back at the crash scene, Brad Rahey was working inside at the time and wasn't aware at what was going on outside his business.

“I just heard an impact, like somebody hit something, and the vibration of the building,” Rahey said. “They drove my truck into the building. They smashed the back of the truck, it's probably wrote off the back.”

Police received a report of a stolen Mazda vehicle in North Sydney just after 7 a.m. Thursday. That vehicle was spotted by RCMP a short time later a half an hour away in Baddeck. Officers say they followed the vehicle at a "safe speed and distance," eventually ending up back in North Sydney.

Police say the officers followed the driver to the area of King and High streets, where he struck the back of a police cruiser and a vehicle parked on the street.

A 31 year-old North Sydney man was arrested on High Street around 9:30 a.m.

“He will be facing charges of dangerous driving, refusal, impaired driving, breach of recognizance and flight from police,” said Insp. Ken O'Neill of the Cape Breton Regional Police.

Despite a couple of close calls, Rahey is praising police for their quick actions.

“They told me there were kids further up the road,” Rahey said. “This guy that was running away, he could have killed somebody. So smart of CBRM what they did. There was nobody in the parking lot, they veered him in, and he hit my truck, and stopped him from doing any more damage.”

Rahey says police told him the driver does have insurance, but with two police vehicles damaged in the pursuit, along with other vehicles, it will likely be a hefty price tag.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.