Ports in the Maritimes are already feeling the effects as Hurricane Dorian spins toward us.

Cruise ships are rerouting and even cancelling trips to the Maritimes to avoid sailing into the path of the storm.

"We're on the fringe of the current predictions, but we expect heavy winds, and so that's what's driving ships in this way and driving our people at the port to do port preparations as well," said Port of Saint John CEO Jim Quinn.

In the last 24 hours alone, the port says two ships have asked to come to Saint John to avoid the hurricane, and one of their calls has cancelled.

The changes are also having an impact on tour operators during the height of the cruise season.

"The last 24 hours have been a little hectic, just trying to adjust to make all the changes, and cancel what we need to cancel and rebook things," said Danielle Timmons of Aquila Tours.

As for how cruise-ship passengers are feeling about heading back out on the sea?

"We're just hoping it's going to die down a little bit, so it won't be as rough as it could be, but we've got some seasick tablets if necessary," said Elaine Shrine.

Another passenger, Mark Johnson, is from Florida, so he's used to hurricanes.

"I've been through hundreds of hurricanes in my lifetime," Johnson said. "We'll be fine. Ships are built tough, we'll go behind some islands, we'll get into the St. Lawrence Seaway. We'll be fine."

Quinn says it's important the wider port community do what it can to make sure all ships have safe refuge from the storm.

Saint John isn't alone in this, as ports throughout Atlantic Canada are reporting trip cancellations, and it's possible there may be more as the storm continues to make its way to the Maritimes.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Laura Lyall.