A 75-year-old man is recovering after he was allegedly assaulted by a woman he offered a ride to in Bear River, N.S., near Digby.

Franklin Buckler says he met the woman just before 7 p.m. Saturday outside a convenience store. The store’s security footage shows a woman opening the car's passenger door, and she and Buckler had a short conversation before they drove off.

Buckler says the woman asked him to take her to several addresses.

“I drove for quite a ways and after we drove to these two houses, that's when she really was out of it,” says Buckler. “She screeched at the top of her voice and just started hitting me."

Bruises and bite marks now line Buckler's arm, and his eye is swollen shut. RCMP say the altercation resulted in a small car crash around 9:30 p.m.

“As a result of this collision, the investigation determined that a female passenger had assaulted a male driver of the same vehicle,” says Const. Colin Helm of Digby RCMP. “The female was arrested on scene and brought back to the Digby RCMP detachment."

RCMP say the two didn't know each other before the incident. The suspect was arrested and released on her own recognizance the next afternoon, and is awaiting a trial date in November.

Buckler's son Matthew says he's upset more isn't being done.

"Somebody 75 years old can take a beating like he did,” Matthew Buckler says. “Then I can drive down town the next day and see her around?"

Police say suspects are released for different reasons, but this isn't uncommon.

"Assault period is a serious offence and we don’t take these things lightly,” says Const. Helm. “In every situation where a complaint is made to the RCMP, we investigate thoroughly."

But Matthew says he's not taking the chance with his dad.

"I'm going to be home from this point forward," he says

Franklin Buckler says he'll soon head back to the hospital for further tests on his eyes and to check for a concussion.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Emily Baron Cadloff.