Summer weather can be a concern when temperatures are as high as they have been in the Maritimes recently.

Experts say there are specific things you can do to enjoy the beautiful summer weather and keep your family and pets safe.

“Don’t go outside when it is the hottest part of the day, choose mornings or evenings to do that,” says Marc Belliveau of the Canadian Red Cross. “Wear light clothes, take frequent breaks and drink lots of liquid, not caffeine or alcohol, but water, juice, things to keep the body hydrated.”

Karen Nelson of the Greater Moncton SPCA says the heat can spell trouble for dogs in cars.

“Dogs cool down by panting and by having their feet cool, so in the car they have not got much air circulation,” says Nelson.

Susan Mazerolle has worked outside for the last ten summers.

“Lots of water, try to find shade, and lots of ice cream,” says Mazerolle.

Mount Allison professor Braw Walters says the recent heat has smashed records for our southern neighbours.

“In the month of June, three, 200 high temperature day records were broken in the U.S. alone,” says Walters. “I think we will see much worse as the time goes on, with the drought affecting the crops and severe weather.”

Nova Scotia joined New Brunswick Thursday in banning open fires provincewide, saying a lot of rain will be needed before the ban ends.