SYDNEY, N.S. -- Shawn Bigley is a big time hockey fan. The father of three is planning to watch his beloved Montreal Canadiens play a rare Father’s Day playoff game against the Vegas Golden Knights on Sunday.

“It’s never happened in my life time, so it is a little odd. I mean summer is the next day and we think of hockey as a winter sport and here we are in late June and my Habs are still playing,” says Bigley. “I think it’s awesome.”

With restrictions loosening just in time for the weekend, it gives fathers like Bigley freedom they didn’t think they would have just a few weeks ago.

“I’ll be hanging out with my dad. I’m lucky enough that I still have him, so we’re going to spend the day together and have a feed of lobster,” says Bigley.

At the Miner’s Village restaurant in Glace Bay, N.S., they’re hoping fathers will be flocking for their first sit down meal in a restaurant.

The Father’s Day forecast in Cape Breton looks like rain, and they say that’s actually in their favour.

“I’m hoping for rain,” Days Wilma MacAulay, manager of the Miner's Village Restaurant. “The fathers are going to be mad at me, but guys like beer and barbeque, and when it rains they have to come into the restaurant, so we have roast beef, turkey dinner and steak.”

Golf courses have seen a spike in play throughout the pandemic.  And with tee times hard to come by, some have been booking ahead as a special treat for dad this Father’s Day weekend.

“It’s a chance to beat your father, but it’s really good comradery,” says Harvey Ellsworth, owner of Passchendale Golf Course in Glace Bay.

And fewer restrictions also mean more fathers will get to spend time with their children in person – rather than through a zoom screen.

“It makes it a little extra special that we get to celebrate and we will wrap Mother’s Day around it too because it really was odd living so close, but feeling so far away,” says Ellsworth.

A Father’s Day that will be celebrated many different ways.  But one that many will be grateful for, no matter how they’re marking it.