With mild temperatures and heavy rain in the forecast, 16 communities in New Brunswick are now expected to be at, or above, flood stage within the next five days.

The Emergency Measures Organization says that includes communities as far north as Edmundston, and as far south as Saint John.

River water levels are expected to increase due to continuous snow melt and rain in the forecast.

“It's spring in New Brunswick, there's always going to be flooding, it's just a question of when and how much,” said Geoffrey Downey the Department of Public Safety Communications Officer.“And right now, the forecast isn't great, but a forecast can change, we are asking people to stay on alert because the forecast is really pointing to some significant flooding.”

Flood waters have already caused significant damage to the new Victoria County SPCA near Perth-Andover.

The shelter had to be evacuated after more than eight feet of water poured into its basement Tuesday morning. The SPCA says its 39 cats will have to live elsewhere until the shelter is repaired.

“It's a disaster, it’s going to take thousands of dollars to repair the shelter and get it up and running again,” said a spokesperson for the Victoria county SPCA. “We’ve never had flooding like this at the shelter in the 35 years we’ve been at this location. The strays in our area rely on us. The cats in our care are relying on us. It’s heartbreaking.”

Staff said the shelter will need to make repairs to sewer lines and furnace and have its water and electrical systems tested before it can reopen. The air exchanger, washer and dryer are all ruined. The shelter is looking for monetary donations to help with repairs at the shelter. For more details on their fundraiser, go this post on their Facebook page.

The SPCA also reminded people if you have to evacuate your home, to please make arrangements for your animals.

For up-to-date information about flooding go the New Brunswick public advisories and alerts website.