A French surfer enjoyed the Moncton tidal bore so much, he was back on Tuesday for a second run.

It's been five years since Antony Colas last rode the tidal bore in Moncton, but this time, he’s picked a different season.

“I came in July and I thought, to give it another go in a different month, like October with the beautiful colours of Canada,” Colas said.

Colas has surfed all over the world. He says the bore wave is not only unique, but “epic.”

“I probably caught the wave for an hour, on and off,” he said. “I caught the waves near Dover.”

The big difference between surfing the bore and ocean surfing is that in the river you only get two chances a day.

The few dozen tourists who showed up to watch the tidal bore on the Petitcodiac River counted themselves lucky to watch Colas ride the wave.

“It's quite cool actually,” said tourist Bill Conohan.

Jim Smith was also among the appreciative crowd of onlookers.

“I thought it was quite daring to be able to go out in the cold weather like this to try and ride the surf like that.” “Well I thought the guy was a little bit crazy but he obviously knew what he was doing,” Smith said.

Alan Benson and his family and friends are visiting from Vancouver, they made sure Colas knew they appreciated his effort on the bore.

“He had a pretty good ride … he was happy, he came out of the water and we told him he did an excellent job,” said Benson.

Colas will surf the bore the rest of this week, providing a show for those who gather along the river. He says he might come back in another five years, maybe during a different season.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jonathan MacInnis.