A well-known marijuana activist is speaking out after he says his wife was beaten and kidnapped during a home invasion in East Chezzetcook, N.S.

Police were called to Chris Enns's home around noon Friday. The RCMP said two people in the house were attacked with a weapon.

Enns looked through Facebook posts offering messages of support at his Hydroponic business in Dartmouth Sunday.

He told CTV News that his wife was asleep when their home was invaded early in the morning Friday.

"She was tied up, she was beaten with some sort of weapon and with the butt of a gun, she was at the house, they were in search of something that simply wasn't at the house... some sort of cash, some sort of cannabis product... we don't keep those things in our house,” says Chris Enns.

Enns says his wife told him she was forced into the back of her own car when the suspects couldn't find what they were looking for. He says she told him that she was driven around and repeatedly questioned before the attackers brought her back.

"They returned back to our house where she was further beaten and tied up and threw down the stairs. Our house was absolutely completely ransacked.”

Enns says his wife is in still pain and it will take time for her to heal. He says she has multiple bruises and breathing is laboured.

“When she coughs it virtually leads to tears.”

RCMP have confirmed that the investigation is ongoing, but there are no further details to report.

Enns says he has been in contact with police and he was also the target of  violence recently.

"I more or less experienced something similar two weeks ago this Sunday... I was home invaded, I was tied up, I was beaten we believe it may have been the same individuals, but they were in ski masks and for black so the police do have prep some information they're investigating,” Enns says.

He says the cannabis community wouldn't come forward to police out of fear of victimization of themselves and their business, but now with legalization on the horizon they feel more hopeful that businesses like his can work together with officers to combat the criminal element.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Marie Adsett.