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How a former fishing boat became New Brunswick’s newest nautical campsite


If you've ever wanted to spend the night on a fishing vessel, but don't think you have the sea legs for it, Jacob Boy might be the boat for you.

The former lobster boat is now an Airbnb at West River Camping just outside Fundy National Park in southeast New Brunswick.

Park owner Melissa McMillan said the boat originated in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

"It was built in 1988, and in later years, it was purchased and operated by a local fisherman here in Alma, New Brunswick. So, we've retired it," said Melissa.

The boat was towed to the campground and after a long restoration process, the functioning glamping cabin opened in late June.

Melissa's husband Scott said cleaning it up was a big job.

"Getting the stuff stripped out that was used by the guys that fished, you know, the stuff that wasn't any use to us. Wiring, plumbing, all that stuff had to be stripped out. It was a fairly big job doing that," said Scott.

Melissa said the boat was left in fairly original condition.

"We painted it up. It sleeps four people on the bunks with a little table for the kids to have their meals on, or use as a play area," she said.

A kitchenette and a full three-piece bathroom have also been installed on board and there's even a hot tub on the back deck.

"It's a four-man electric hot tub," said Scott. "People seem to enjoy the hot tubs. We have five of them here all together throughout the park."

Jacob Boy has been in high demand this summer, both from young families and couples looking for a romantic getaway.

"A lot of families with children, but also a lot of couples," said Melissa. "It's really interesting for the amount of adults that just want to book it and come stay with us."

West River Camping is located on Route 114, roughly 10 kilometres before the Village of Alma and Fundy National Park. Top Stories

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