HALIFAX -- A human skull has been reconstructed as police try to identify remains found on a Nova Scotia beach last year.

Police found the remains on a beach in Sandy Cove, N.S., shortly after 9 a.m. on Sept. 8, 2019.

Investigators believe the man was between the ages of 30 and 60, but they haven’t been able to confirm his identity, or how he died.

Now, investigators are hoping a reconstruction of the man’s skull will help them solve the case.

The facial reconstruction initiative is a partnership between the Nova Scotia Medical Examiner Service, RCMP, National Research Council and the New York Academy of Arts.

Members of the National Research Council travelled to Nova Scotia late last year to perform a 3D scan of the man’s skull. The scan was then printed and later turned over to the RCMP’s National Centre for Missing Persons and Unidentified remains.

The skull was one of 15 from Canada that were reconstructed at the New York Academy of Arts Forensic Sculpture workshop last week. Students used clay to create facial reconstructions, which were photographed and posted on the Canada’s Missing website.

Facial reconstruction is used to identify unknown missing persons after traditional identification methods, such as fingerprinting and DNA testing, fail to produce a result.

Justice officials say four visual identifications have been directly attributed to facial reconstructions performed during the workshop since 2015.

"We're hoping that this reconstruction may help identify who this person was," said Nova Scotia Justice Minister Mark Furey. "Seeing a face may prompt people to recall important information that could help identify this individual and solve their case."

Justice officials note that while the skull was found in the province, it doesn’t necessarily mean the man was from Nova Scotia.

“I encourage Nova Scotians to view the photo and where appropriate, submit a tip,” said Dr. Matthew Bowes, the chief medical examiner in Nova Scotia. “Your contribution could help solve a mystery and help provide closure for families."

Earlier this month, police released photos of the man’s clothing in the hopes that someone would recognize them and identify him.

The clothing included a pair of Urban Heritage-brand jeans with a 36 waist and a black leather Terra-brand boot.

Anyone who recognizes the facial reconstruction or clothing is asked to contact the Digby County RCMP.