HALIFAX -- A young entrepreneur in Nova Scotia is combining COVID-19 and fashion with a new creation he thought of all on his own.

Seven-year-old Colton Carver has been hard at work creating colourful mask lassos -- like a lanyard for your mask.

It’s an idea that even the province’s top doctor praised in a personalized letter sent to Colton.

“I like to mix up the colours of them too,” said Colton, as he shows off his collection.

An assembly line of materials can be found on Colton’s dining room table where Colton’s Creations are assembled.

It’s a clever creation to help solve a pesky pandemic problem.

“I like to help people so they don’t lose their masks,” said Colton.

Colton's Creations

Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Colton's Creations

According to Colton, the lassos attach to the sides of your mask to prevent from losing it or setting it down on a dirty surface.

“I find when we go in and out of the van a lot, they just would throw their masks off and they would end up on the ground,” said Melanie Warren, Colton’s mother.

With the help of his younger sister, Colton has made about 50 mask lassos so far.

The second-grader says he plans to make the lassos until the need is no longer.

“What did you say? You said you want to make them until we don’t have to wear masks anymore,” said Melanie.

Colton plans to use the money raised to buy a new Nintendo Switch gaming station for his family, all while helping others at the same time.

“I’m very proud of him,” said Melanie. “He’s a very kind soul who likes to help people and make people feel good.”

The mask lassos can be custom ordered with all different colours, beads, names and even sayings.

Colton's Creations

Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Colton's Creations

Colton even made a special mask lasso for Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil with his trademark phrase Stay the Blazes Home.

To order one of Colton’s mask lassos for yourself, he has set up a Facebook page named Colton’s Creations where orders are being accepted.